Top-X DR Tsm Digital chest scanning system

The device is suitable for chest scanning and pulmonary care also. It is an advantage that the system can be used more easily for patients with musculoskeletal or mental sicknesses due to its design.

The TOP-X DR-TSm is a DR system primarily developed to create chest images. It’s throughput is unmatched, so it is the most appropriate configuration for chest-screening and treatment, but entire body images can also be made of standing patients. Of the two stands facing each other, one supports the DR detector, the other the high-power x-ray tube. The x-ray tube vertically tracks the detector movement synchronously, so the center of the x-ray beam always automatically points to the center of the detector. The integrated touch-screen control interface is used to display the list of required examinations from the PACS system, to set the imaging x-ray parameters, and to display the preview image.

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