TOP-X DR Chest Digital portable chest screening device

An X-ray protected chest screening cabin, which is suitable for making diagnostic quality X-ray pictures. Suitable for residential chest screening programs, as it can be used within the hospital facilities and also can be transported to remote areas.

  • 2k X 2k image matrix with a line-scanner detector
  • Complete System is integrated into a common radiation protected cubicle
  • 230 V 16 A mains-supply:
  • High mobility
  • Minimal patient X-ray dose

The TOP-X DR Chest is a modern, high throughput, digital chest-imaging x-ray device. Its really low patient dose and high throughput capability make it an ideal chest-screening station. It can be used fixed (hospital) or relocated – the device can be easily transported, reassembled at the application site and operated from a single 16 A-mains. Its built-in high-frequency x-ray generator is a member of the TOP-X family. Its patient cubicle is x-ray protected, the radiation level outside the cubicle is less than 0.4 µSV/h, so the device can be operated in non-radiation protected, non-medical community buildings (schools, culture centers) as well.

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