Healthcare is our profession for 35 years



Healthcare is our profession for 35 years

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Healthcare is our profession for 35 years

Our Main Products




We have more than 33 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of medical devices





Our History

1989 - 1999.
  • 1989 100% privately owned company was founded by biomedical engineers
  • 1993 Hungarian market leader in the cardiology sector
  • 1995 Patient monitors are launched within product range
  • 1996 Becoming of stock company
  • 1999 Development of the first high frequency X-ray generators
2000 - 2009.
  • 2002 Development and manufacturing of clinical defibrillators
  • 2005 100kHz X-ray generator development
  • 2006 Micro PACS and digital chest scanning programs
  • 2006 Second generation of defibrillators and patient monitors
  • 2007 Health monitoring and alarming system
  • 2008 Development of multifunctional user and environment friendly high frequency X-ray generator family using nanotechnology results
  • 2008 Complex chest diagnostic decision support system
  • 2009 Mobile X-ray system development
2010 - 2017.
  • 2011 Developing a new high-efficiency, clinical defibrillator with biphasic waveform
  • 2012 Renewal of ECG product line
  • 2013 First presentation of systems with tomosynthesis
  • 2016 Development of a clinical defibrillator increasing resuscitation efficiency
  • 2016 Development of a low-dose X-ray tomography system for digital tomosynthesis

30th anniversary of the foundation of Innomed Medical Zrt.


As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, our export activity has multiplied

Our company succesfully applied for Health Industry Support Programme by announced by the Ministry of Finance. As a result Minister of Finance inaugurated the rened factory building for production of the first Hungaryen AED

Production of the first Hungarian-designed and manufactured semi-automatic defibrillator starts


Innomed Medical Zrt. celebrates its 33rd anniversary



Our company is developing and manufacturing two main product lines while developing devices used for other medical applications


Automated Extrenal Defibrillators, Clinical defibrillators, ECG devices, bedside or portable patient monitors


X-ray generators, direct digitalizing radiology systems, imaging and image processing software


Our company won several awards for innovation and design through the years

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Innomed Medical Inc. develops and manufactures two main product groups

The Cardiology segment working on our diagnostic devices with data management software for PCs. The main products of the group are the own developed and manufactured semi- automatic defibrillator (AED), clinical defibrillators, the variety of ECG devices and we are also distributing a whole range of patient monitors.

Our Radiology division is dealing with high-frequency X-ray generators, direct digitalizing X-ray stations and mobile equipment’s, as well as complex digital remote controlled radiography and fluoroscopy systems. We also develop our own imaging software and PACS systems while dealing with the distribution of several other radiology equipments.

Our important successes

  • 1998. Industrial Design Award of Excellence for the year 1998.– „HeartScreen simulant 12 channel ECG device”
  • 2000. Innovation Grand Prix for the year 1999.– „TOP-X HF High-frequency X-ray generator Family”
  • 2000. Innovation Award for the year 1999.–  „TOP-X HF High-frequency X-ray generator Family”
  • 2000. Industrial Design Award of Excellence for the year 2000.– „HeartScreen 80G portable, 3 channel ECG device”
  • 2000. Special Award for Industrial Design from the Prime Minister for the year 2000. – „InnoCare-T M-200 portable color patient monitor ”
  • 2001.  Red-dot Product Design Award  (Germany) HeartScreen 80GL ECG
  • 2005.  Professional Award for the Year’s project – „TOP-X 100NR High-frequency X-ray generator family”
  • 2006.  Innovation Awards for the year 2005.– „InnoSpot 1000T/TM digital chest scanning X-ray station”
  • 2017 Industrial Innovation Award. for the year 2016.– for the development and distribution of the MRX-TEL NG II digital remote controlled radiographic and fluoroscopy X-ray system with digital tomosynthesis option where the precise coordination and detector movement makes low dose sequential image creation possible


Invitation to the Medica 2022 exhibition

Invitation to the Medica 2022 exhibition

Dear Partners! On behalf of our company Innomed Medical Inc. celebrating its 33rd anniversary this year we have the pleasure to invite our esteemed partners to visit us at MEDICA 2022 World Forum in Medicine in Dusseldorf between 14-17. November 2022. We are looking...

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Thanks to our 35 years of experience, several companies have already acknowledged our work. Among our references, there are many internationally recognized and successful businesses.

Our Partners

Among the connections of Innomed Medical Inc., there are business partners who we know for decades. It is important for us to achieve reliable cooperation and mutual business success.

Educational Program

Innomed Medical Inc. is holding trainings for those, who want to participate in our resuscitation and equipment handling sessions.

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