Healthcare is our profession for 30 years




Healthcare is our profession for 30 years


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Healthcare is our profession for 30 years

Our Main Products



We have almost 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of medical devices





Our History


1989 - 1999.

  • 1989 100% privately owned company was founded by biomedical engineers
  • 1993 Hungarian market leader in the cardiology sector
  • 1995 Patient monitors are launched within product range
  • 1996 Becoming of stock company
  • 1999 Development of the first high frequency X-ray generators


2000 - 2009.

  • 2002 Development and manufacturing of clinical defibrillators
  • 2005 100kHz X-ray generator development
  • 2006 Micro PACS and digital chest scanning programs
  • 2006 Second generation of defibrillators and patient monitors
  • 2007 Health monitoring and alarming system
  • 2008 Development of multifunctional user and environment friendly high frequency X-ray generator family using nanotechnology results
  • 2008 Complex chest diagnostic decision support system
  • 2009 Mobile X-ray system development


2010 - 2017.

  • 2011 Developing a new high-efficiency, clinical defibrillator with biphasic waveform
  • 2012 Renewal of ECG product line
  • 2013 First presentation of systems with tomosynthesis
  • 2016 Development of a clinical defibrillator increasing resuscitation efficiency
  • 2016 Development of a low-dose X-ray tomography system for digital tomosynthesis



Our company is developing and manufacturing two main product lines while developing devices used for other medical applications


Clinical defibrillators, ECG devices, bedside or portable patient monitors


X-ray generators, direct digitalizing radiology systems, imaging and image processing software


Our company won several awards for innovation and design through the years

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Innomed Medical Inc. develops and manufactures two main product groups

The Cardiology segment working on our diagnostic devices with data management software for PCs. The main products of the group are the own developed clinical defibrillators, the variety of ECG devices and we are also distributing a whole range of patient monitors.

Our Radiology division is dealing with high-frequency X-ray generators, direct digitalizing X-ray stations and mobile equipment’s, as well as complex digital remote controlled radiography and fluoroscopy systems. We also develop our own imaging software and PACS systems while dealing with the distribution of several other radiology equipments.

Our important successes

  • 1998. Industrial Design Award of Excellence for the year 1998.– „HeartScreen simulant 12 channel ECG device”
  • 2000. Innovation Grand Prix for the year 1999.– „TOP-X HF High-frequency X-ray generator Family”
  • 2000. Innovation Award for the year 1999.–  „TOP-X HF High-frequency X-ray generator Family”
  • 2000. Industrial Design Award of Excellence for the year 2000.– „HeartScreen 80G portable, 3 channel ECG device”
  • 2000. Special Award for Industrial Design from the Prime Minister for the year 2000. – „InnoCare-T M-200 portable color patient monitor ”
  • 2001.  Red-dot Product Design Award  (Germany) HeartScreen 80GL ECG
  • 2005.  Professional Award for the Year’s project – „TOP-X 100NR High-frequency X-ray generator family”
  • 2006.  Innovation Awards for the year 2005.– „InnoSpot 1000T/TM digital chest scanning X-ray station”
  • 2017 Industrial Innovation Award. for the year 2016.– for the development and distribution of the MRX-TEL NG II digital remote controlled radiographic and fluoroscopy X-ray system with digital tomosynthesis option where the precise coordination and detector movement makes low dose sequential image creation possible


Invitation to Arab Health 2019

Invitation to Arab Health 2019

Invitation to Arab Health 2019 Dear esteemed Partners! On behalf of our company INNOMED Medical Inc., being in the healthcare industry and business for already 30 years in 2019 we would like to invite you and your team to visit us at our usual...

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Visit us at Medica Trade Fair in Düsseldorf

Visit us at Medica Trade Fair in Düsseldorf

Dear  esteemed partners,   On behalf Innomed Medical Inc., we would like to invite you and your team to visit us at Medica Trade Fair in Düsseldorf at our usual location - booth number B48 in HALL 9. The company is going green on its 30th birthday by...

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Arab Health 2018 – Dubai 29 January-1 February, 2018

Arab Health 2018 – Dubai 29 January-1 February, 2018

Like every year Innomed will participate at Arab Health medical exhibition which is the second largest event of this kind in the world and the biggest in the MENA (Middle East, North Africa) region. We will exhibit our cardiology portfolio searching for long-term...

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Medica 2017 – Düsseldorf 13-16 November, 2017

Medica 2017 – Düsseldorf 13-16 November, 2017

It was the 25th anniversary of our company being participated at the world’s largest medical trade fair, MEDICA in Düsseldorf, the top event for medical decision-makers from all over the world. We exhibited our well-known cardiology and emergency products...

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Cardiology Products


HeartScreen 80G-L1

According to its knowledge, this is the most compact mobile ECG on the market.
It has the same features like the clinical devices, and it can be upgraded to a true 12 channel ECG workstation when connected to a personal computer.

HeartScreen 112 C-1

True 12 channel ECG displaying and recording in clinical quality. Due to it’s built in high capacity rechargeable battery; the device is able to make cardiological measurements for a longer period without being plugged in.

HeartScreen 210

User-friendly, 12 channel ECG device, with a clinical resolution display that can examine all the leads at the same time.  If it is necessary, the built in extremely wide printer can be used, where the physician can record all the ECG diagnosis in a very clear way.


This very precise signal evaluation system is able to show the measured parameters in real time mode for all the 12 leads during the whole stress test procedure. The system can be used with several types of ergometers or treadmills, and blood pressure monitors that are controlled automatically. It can store all the ECG curves acquired during the whole stress test period for later analysis.


An updated version of our CardioPC/E system, which can measure and evaluate the volumes of O2 and CO2 gases during the whole stress test procedure by its gas analyser, over its features supported by its conventional ECG signal based stress test system.

It can be used also for clinical quality spirometry.

Holter ECG device

The three channel ECG recorder unit can store the acquired ECG signal even for over three days. It is suitable to register and observe rarely appearing cardiological events as well. The evaluation of the recorded signal is supported on a clinical quality level for the physician by a highly developed software package that helps the procedure of the final diagnosis.


Cardio-Aid® 360-B

Fully featured clinical defibrillator, which is suitable to supply emergency and therapeutical cases in the patient care. With it’s built in AED function, even the nurses can save lives. Optionally, it can be used also for patient care functions giving a great help in observing and registering vital signs after resuscitation.

Patient Monitors

Innocare T12 Plus

A general purpose monitor suitable for bedside or mobile application as well. The device has built-in conventional measuring channels to ensure compactness, and it also has upgrade possibility to support individual requirements by attachable different measuring modules.

Innocare T17 Plus

Due to its huge display size, this monitor is really useful for bedside usage. It is expandable with more measuring modules and has a multifunctional unit too, with the possibility of the conventional measuring channels. At the same time this small unit is able to record vital signs during patient transport inside the hospital.

Innocare Vital

It is a small and compact device to display and record the most important vital signs of the patient and is suitable for both bedside and mobile application.

All our available monitor range can be connected into a network system, so that several beds in different patient rooms can be monitored in the same time, with the help of a computer based central station unit.

Radiology products

Wardroom equipment

MRX-TEL NG II digital remote controlled radiographic and fluoroscopy X-ray system with digital tomosynthesis option

„All in one” system, suitable for general radiography, fluoroscopy, conventional chest imaging, barium swallow, gastroenterology examinations and also for foreign body and contrast agents studies. With the DTS option, the precise coordination and detector movement makes low dose sequential image creation possible. With the help of chest DTS imaging technology certain CT examinations can be avoided.

Mobile x-ray

Visaris Vision M mobile x-ray system

Vision M is a modern, highly portable digital X-ray system, that brings digital imaging right next to patients, whether it be in the ICU, hospital ward or a patient’s home. Thanks to its flexibility, it is also excellent for the quick examination of Covid-19 inpatients.

X-ray generators

TOP-X 100NR high frequency generator

Own developed, high frequency X-ray generator family that can be used for radiography and fluoroscopy as well. Can operate one or two tubes and available in 50kW, 65kW and 80kW versions also.

TOP-X 100 LC High Frequency X-ray generator

Own developed, high frequency X-ray generator family that can serve 1 tube with low speed or optional high speed rotation, and can handle 2 AEC chambers. Available in 40kW, 50kW and 65kW-versions, and all models can come in standard version to operate from conventional strong single mains.



Thanks to our nearly 30 years of experience, several companies have already acknowledged our work. Among our references, there are many internationally recognized and successful businesses.

Our Partners

Among the connections of Innomed Medical Inc., there are business partners who we know for decades. It is important for us to achieve reliable cooperation and mutual business success.

Educational Program

Innomed Medical Inc. is holding trainings for those, who want to participate in our resuscitation and equipment handling sessions.

Service and Warranty

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