Service, warranty

Providing high-level customer service together with detailed technical support activities for foreign distributors is the integral part of Innomed Medical Inc. Quality Policy.  

According to our experience, our customers are paying more and more attention to the quality assurance of their institutions and businesses which can be truly measured by higher standards of care and satisfaction of the customers.

We are continuously develop our services carried out by the Customer Service Department to support the quality assurance efforts of healthcare.

 Our repairing activities during the warranty time and beyond depend on the type of the medical devices in question since there are remarkable differencies in handling the certain cases. Generally the warranty time is 1-2 years for our devices depending on the countries.

In case of our automated external defibrillator the warranty time can be extended to 2+4 years. 

The repairings are made in our professional factory service department with the best automatic test equipments used for manufacturing, as well or in our service department located at our headquarter by highly educated colleagues.

In foreign countries the repairings are the responsibility of the local service partners who must inform us about any case by sending error report file while starting the repairings.

Upon receipt it we are ready to consult any questions or technical details to support them and also we provide service manuals and final test instructions or occasionally SW upgrades to ensure the accuracy and correct operation of the repaired device.

Innomed always asks for final test reports to close all cases and to check quality of the foreign repairing.

Innomed also support training courses one or two times per year for the foreign partners to upgrade their basic functional and detailed technical knowledge about repairing of the certain devices.

For the new AED devices we even provide also a compact, low cost test equipment for the partners to be able to do the normal two year revision or as it is required by the local rules and for any other cases to be sure about the accurate operation of the AED and to decide if it needs repairing or not. Currently the repairing of the AED devices are done in our factory at the highest level.