This very precise signal evaluation system is able to show the measured parameters in real time mode for all the 12 leads during the whole stress test procedure. The system can be used with several types of ergometers or treadmills, and blood pressure monitors that are controlled automatically. It can store all the ECG curves acquired during the whole stress test period for later analysis.

PC-based exercise system

  • 12 channel rest and exercise ECG creation
  • Very high-resolution ECG measuring head
  • Also usable with Heart Screen 112C-1
  • Full 12 channel online signal evaluation program
  • On-line automatic arrhythmia analysis on all 12 channels
  • Online averaged curves and ST measurement on 12 channels
  • Automatic bicycle or treadmill ergometer control
  • Pre-programmed protocols generally used in medical practice
  • User defined protocols for special requirements
  • Full disclosure storage and display capability
  • Automatic blood-pressure measurement with Suntech Tango blood pressure monitor
  • Large, high-resolution LCD
  • Flexible A4 size report formats

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