HeartScreen 80G-L1

According to its knowledge, this is the most compact mobile ECG on the market.
It has the same features like the clinical devices, and it can be upgraded to a true 12 channel ECG workstation when connected to a personal computer.

3/12 channel diagnostic ECG device

  • Simultaneous 12-lead ECG
  • Standard and Cabrera leads
  • Color, high contrast graphic LCD for monitoring
  • Touch-screen alphanumeric keyboard
  • Analysis and diagnosis program
  • Arrhythmia program
  • 3 ECG channels + 1 rhythm curve display
  • Automatic and manual operating modes
  • Reliable, long life high-resolution 3-channel thermal printer
  • Battery operating mode
  • Menu-controlled functions
  • Large storage capacity
  • Complete ECG user interface on the PC screen
  • On-line 12-channel monitoring, storage, and printing
  • USB connection
  • Optional Bluetooth connection

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