HeartScreen 210

User-friendly, 12 channel ECG device, with a clinical resolution display that can examine all the leads at the same time.  If it is necessary, the built-in an extremely wide printer can be used, where the physician can record all the ECG diagnosis in a very clear way.

  • Ergonomic design for mobile or table top application
  • 8.9-inch high-resolution TFT-LCD with touchscreen
  • 210mm printing width
  • Waterproof  alphanumeric keyboard with shortcut keys, efficient in operation
  • Full language dependent alphanumeric  touch keyboard on the screen
  • Broad frequency response 0.05 to 250Hz for accurate signal capture and recognition, more suitable for pediatrics diagnosis
  • Specific age and gender dependent  analysis program maximizes the accuracy of the ECG interpretation in  CardioProTM software
  • Up to 300 seconds frozen waveforms reviewable and recordable
  • Up to 300 seconds R-R analysis in 1 or 3 channel rhythm mode for exact arrhythmia analysis
  • Standard or Cabrera leads are available
  • Support various file formats:  XML, DICOM, JPG and PDF
  • High local storage capacity for up to 1500 files
  • 3 ways of file storage: local memory, SD card, USB flash disk
  • ECG management software on PC via LAN or WIFI (optional)

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