Innocare T12 Plus

A general purpose monitor suitable for bedside or mobile application as well. The device has built-in conventional measuring channels to ensure compactness too, but it has upgrade possibility to support individual requirements by attachable different measuring modules.

  • For bedside or mobile applications
  • 12” anti-glare color TFT-LCD display.
  • Optional touchscreen available
  • Built-in fixed functions for compact requirements
  • Dozens of various modules exist for upgrading the features
  • 2 pcs of extra measuring module can be connected
  • Easy upgrade, easy modification for current usage, saves replacement cost
  • Optional built-in printer for immediate documentation
  • Powerful measurement, ergonomic  and flexible design
  • Can be connected to independent large display when multi-display is required
  • Convenient usage with rotary key, and optional touchscreen, mouse
  • Measuring channels can be max. 12 lead ECG, Resp, SpO2, NIBP, Temp, IBP, EtCO2, invasive and noninvasive(ICG)  CO, Anesthetic Gases, BIS, CSM, ST segment analysis, arrhythmia analysis
  • Drug calculations
  • Can be connected to M6000C central monitoring system via LAN connector or via WiFi
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery
  • Providing fast and convenient monitoring during patient transfer
  • 3.5” color TFT-LCD display, battery, alarm and storage capability for full patient monitoring
  • Measures max.12 lead ECG, Resp, SpO2, NIBP, Temp, IBP
  • Patient’s data transferring automatically when connected to InnoCare T-17 Plus Monitor
  • Optional WiFi connection directly to central station
  • Extremely compact design, convenient to carry, allowing patient to roam freely,
  • 480 groups NIBP review
  • Power off storage of 8 hours trend
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

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