CardioAid-1 AED Trainer

The CardioAid-1 AED Trainer is an educational version of the CardioAid-1 AED defibrillator.

The CardioAid-1 AED Trainer is synchronized with a generic Android tablet to demonstrate and to teach the correct operation of the AED  under simulated shockable or non-shockable conditions according to a selected protocol.

It demonstrates the steps of resuscitation during the operation of the device: in case of a shockable rhythm it suggests the delivery of a shock after a rhythm analysis when the shock button can be pressed safely without energy delivery

A pair of self-adhesive, single-use electrodes can be connected to the device as an accessory, with the help of which its correct placement on the patient can be practiced.

The device can be operated with a battery pack.

The CardioAid-1 AED Trainer has two operation modes:

  • Pre-programmed protocol mode
  • User protocol

The CardioAid-1 AED Trainer is designed for participants in resuscitation courses to learn how to use AED defibrillators and practice resuscitation with the help of  well-trained instructor.

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