CardioAid-1 AED Plus

Best choice in sudden cardiac arrest and in other cardiology emergency cases

At a sudden cardiac arrest or other dangerous cardiology event, quick and professional care is essential, which is supported by the CardioAid-1 AED Plus the second member of our intelligent semi-automatic defibrillator family.

It can be used by laymen in  AED or by physicians in all operating modes. In manual mode, the device provides the treatment of other cardiac events in addition to ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia with freely adjustable energy levels. It is suitable for eliminating atrial fibrillation in synchronous mode and for the treatment of heart electrical conduction disorders in pacer mode. Due to the mobility of the small device, it can be used anywhere, even in specialized clinics, hospitals or ambulances.

Main Features

  • Easy-to operate, compact design
  • New Innomed patented Biophase® waveform, BTE type
  • ERC 2021 guidelines compatibility
  • Graphical 4.3″ colour TFT display,
  • 480×272 pixels resolution
  • Max. 360 J energy for adults
  • 4 step energy protocoll in AED mode
  • Programmable energy protocols
  • AED mode, Manual, synchronous, and pacer  modes
  • ECG curve visualisation on the display
  • Pre-connected adult or pediatric electrodes
  • Pacemaker detection and tolerance
  • IP 55 protection
  • Daily, weekly, monthly automatic self-test
  • Test of electrode presence, battery charge,electronic functions
  • Easily upgradeable language for voice and text instructions
  • PC-based visualisation program

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