2. Visaris Vision M mobile x-ray system

Vision M is a modern, highly portable digital X-ray system, that brings digital imaging right next to patients, whether it be in the ICU, hospital ward or a patient’s home. Thanks to its flexibility, it is also excellent for the quick examination of Covid-19 inpatients.

The simple and rugged design of the trolley enables convenient and hassle-free movement, transportation and positioning. By designing the system with ergonomics in mind, set-up time and operator strain are minimised.

  • The VISION M system consists of a mobile trolley, mobile X-ray source, 35×43 digital flat-panel and a notebook workstation.
  • Comes with the powerful Avanse acquisition and imaging system
  • Adjustable X-ray source power up to 5 kW
  • Automatic APR setting
  • Standard version supplied with iRay (CsI) portable flat panel

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