Cardio-Aid™ 360-B

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Cardio-Aid™ 360-B

  • 360 J biphasic
  • 12 channel ECG
  • SPO2
  • 2.7 sec. charging time

HeartScreen 80G-L 3/12-channel ECG

    3/12-channel diagnostic ECG device



    · 12-lead simultaneous ECG acquisition

    · Standard and Cabrera leads

    · High resolution large graphic LCD with backlight

    · On-line monitoring of 3 ECG and 1 rhythm curves

    · Reliable, high-resolution 3-channel thermal printer

    · Automatic, manual and event triggered recording

    · 12-channel analysis and diagnosis program

    · Arrhythmia program with statistics

    · User defined ECG protocols

    · Dedicated foil keys for quick operation

    · Softkey controlled functions for more features

    · Mains and battery operating mode

    · Intelligent quick-charger

    · Portable and handy

    · Menu-controlled functions - simple operation

    · PC connection ready

    · Optional Innobase ECG database management program

      for archiving ECG curves
      and on-line 12 channel monitoring features on the PC

    · Complete ECG user-interface on the PC

    · 12-channel on-line ECG monitoring on PC

    · 12-channel A4 format printing on PC


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